All the tabletop roleplaying games come with different levels and structures, and Dungeons & Dragons is no different. If you’re ready to start playing the 5th edition, but not sure how to calculate your character’s starting wealth, then let us help.

It is essential to understand the options of getting starting gold and equipment when you are a new player. Some players are lucky to have dungeon masters to work within the first sessions, but if you’re not, then these instructions will assist you as a beginner.

Keep in mind that these guidelines on starting gold apply to all characters.

Starting gold

When it comes to picking equipment and gold, go for an option that suits you. The Player’s handbook gives you options to determine the starting wealth of this game.

The first option offers the player the game equipment depending on the player’s class and the background factor. The other option provides the player with an opportunity to purchase their equipment with the wealth offered.

The rules are different for players who intend to start a campaign with characters above level one. The other games provided data to show the starting gold on various character levels, but the 5e Edition doesn’t. The dungeon master guide provides official rules on the equipment and starting gold for these characters to save the situation.

Classes that can apply a roll for the gold

It is only one class that applies to the option of rolling for gold. The selected background applies.

To determine your starting gold, you may need to roll the gold pool and use it to acquire the original equipment. The total wealth of an average roll usually is less than starting gold and the value of your equipment.

The wealth that remains after this purchase will serve as your starting gold. If the starting equipment doesn’t meet your game needs, it is an easy and simple option to apply.

It requires you to roll a number, which is determined by your class. Multiply your roll by ten to get the wealth.

A perfect roll can equip your character and increase your wealth, in case of a bard class. The option is suitable for players who don’t mind taking risks and prefer customization.

Determining the role

The wealth accumulated helps you as a player to create a character of your own through imagination. You can have a variety of roles, such as a deadly rogue, a skilled fighter, a spell-casting wizard, or a devout cleric.

The character is a combination of your imagination, game data, and replaying hooks. In this game, you pick a race and a class.

The characters serve as your representative in this game. In this, you need to invent a backstory, appearance, and personality and your style.

With this, you open up daring adventures and grand quests to test yourself against other bloodthirsty monsters and other challenges.

5e Character Wealth By Level

Here’s a nifty chart compiled by a player on Reddit to show you the starting gold and character wealth in 5E compared to in 3.5.

5e starting gold character wealth

link to data in the chart here

The Adventure

The gold acquired is important as it unlocks more adventures. The adventures don’t have a specific ending; when one quest or a story ends, you can begin another.

Most of the players create an ongoing story referred to as a campaign. There is low magic campaigns, standard and high magical use campaigns, which equipment varies with the acquired gold.

The players advance the adventure whereby when a monster is defeated, it marks the end of an experience. Players earn gold earned supports the story and also adds new capabilities to the character.

With the new skills, one increases the power, which reflects on the level of the adventure.

The equipment

The character you create receives the game equipment in consideration of your class and background. Players pick the equipment from a list with various classes.

The other items suitable in your background supplements these essentials. in each option, there is variance in the number of coins. Some start with twenty-five gold pieces others up to zero.

Other backgrounds have gems and jewelry as token in their pouch of gold; examples are far traveler or the clan crafter. The equipment option has its wealth fixed on a background basis.

Roll a small number when using this option as it might get more gold than the ones set depending on your background.

Different types of equipment vary depending on their use and the value. If a character has to choose between two hand axes and a light crossbow, the crossbow value is higher than that of hand axe because it comes with free ammunition, among other advantages.

The player decides the kind of equipment their characters have. It might be due to inheritance or the goods that the character acquired on the adventures.

During the experience, a character may undergo military service or get armor or a weapon. A character can also follow its ancestor’s footsteps of adventure.

It is when a character acquires a defense tool used by a member of the family in previous campaigns.

Dealing with Monks

It is a special case to deal with monks. The gold roll is also multiplied by ten like in other cases, but it is limited to one gold die.

With this, it is not stable, but monks get a chance to acquire a decent starting equipment. The monks cannot buy their minimum equipment with even their maximum gold roll.

The concern is that their maximum roll is more than their maximum equipment value.

Monetary rewards from the Dungeon master

When playing this game, it is the role of the dungeon master to award your character the gold. It enables you to maintain your adventure campaign.

The maximum amount of gold a character can earn depends on the time spent in the current tier. The dungeon master should award this gold after every hour.

If your character gains the amount of gold equal to the set gold price limit, inform your master. The earnings don’t increase until you move to the next level.

As a beginner, you have to consider some factors getting the starting gold. It is solely determined by what fits you and what your dungeon master expects.

Therefore there is a need to make the best choices when picking options that best suit your character. This game is fun, and either rolling gold or picking from the list, the starting gold can get you started in the game.

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