Skeletons and zombies and creepers, oh my!

Since the Minecraft 1.14 update, dozens of new mobs have been introduced to the game, from adorable and cuddly pandas to a plethora of angry and raid-happy illagers. The game is more exciting than ever before, but with new hostile mobs just waiting to ruin your day and destroy your items, dangers are real and waiting.

Before you get set to travel on a post-update extravaganza, make sure you know what the top ten strongest mobs in Minecraft are.

For this list, we’re going to define ‘strongest’ as the mob that dishes out the most damage, not necessarily with the most hearts.

You might be surprised which ones make it on the list. Let the ranking begin!

1. The Killer Bunny

Don’t pet this bunny! Despite its slow movements and harmless appearance, this mob can quickly become a formidable foe.

minecraft killer bunny

Dealing up to six hearts worth of damage in a single bite, it’s never in your best interest to try and fight this mob without some potions and good armor.

In fact, this furry creature deals as much damage as an Elder Guardian, minus the fatigue effect. Think twice before bringing one of these home as a pet.

2. Drowned

Introduced in the Minecraft Aquatic update, these drowned zombies will bring you more of a fight than you first bargained for.

minecraft drowned

Drowned zombies are one thing, but a Drowned with a ranged weapon like a trident can deal out six full hearts of damage, as well as tank over ten hearts worth of damage if any armor is equipped. Water will slow you down without potions, so engaging with these mobs without proper consideration gives you a solid 50-50 chance of survival.

3. Vex

You’ve probably heard of these mobs several updates ago, but haven’t seen a great many of them – until now.

minecraft vex

The Vex is a kind of mob that is summoned by a less-powerful illager called the Evoker. Commonly found in Woodland Mansions, these mobs will pass through any solid block to deal a damage range between two and a half to six and a half hearts of damage. Did we mention they come in groups of up to five? If you’re planning on hitting up any kind of Dark Oak Forest, you’d better go prepared.

4. Wither

Who hasn’t shuddered at the thought of fighting this monstrous amalgamation from the Nether?


The product of three Wither Skeleton skulls, this miniboss releases a gigantic explosion before soaring into the air to deal some real damage. 7.5 hearts per dash attack, to be exact.

Most players die the first time they go up against a mob of this magnitude. No pressure. At least you can get a Nether Star out of it!

5. Ender Dragon

Does she (yes, it’s a girl) really need any introduction?

minecraft ender dragon

The Ender Dragon is one of the most recognizable mobs in all of Minecraft. Thought to be the true final boss, this dark purple dragon drops loads of experience once defeated and opens a portal to the vast world of The End.

Dealing 7.5 hearts per melee strike, most of your health will be gone before you even have a chance to react.

Thought she’d be the baddest mob on the list? Read on.

6. Ravager

What’s white and brown and mean all over? This illager mount is one of the toughest additions to the Minecraft Village and Pillage update.


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The Ravager eats through any non-permanent block (like tree leaves), taking down anything in its path with nine full hearts of damage. That’s nearly enough to kill a player in a single hit, and absolutely devastate your poor villagers!

If a raid is spawning in a village near you, maybe it’s best to keep your distance.

7. Vindicator

In case you thought we were done with illager mobs, there’s still one more big baddie that’s got everyone else dwarfed in comparison.

minecraft vindicator mob

Vindicators, sometimes referred to as Johnnys, are axe-wielding hostile mobs that deal the second-highest melee damage of all non-boss creatures. That’s 9.5 hearts per hit.

Without some serious enchantments and all-diamond armor, expect to meet your untimely demise in a few solid axe strikes. Time to gear up!

8. Iron Golem

Even if this helpful and not-so-little guy is a friendly village frequent, he won’t have second thoughts about turning on you if he feels threatened.

minecraft iron golem

Iron Golems have an immense amount of health, up to fifty full hearts. That’s one of the highest health pools in the entire game!

Golems serve to protect villagers in a big way, fighting against hostile mobs who might otherwise cause massive destruction. Striking between five and sixteen hearts of damage per melee attack, you’ll want to keep these metallic giants on your side. AKA, don’t hit them. Ever.

9. Ghasts

One of the creepier hostile mobs in the game, the Ghast is a Nether-only spawn with the runner-up badge as the second strongest mob in all of Minecraft.

minecraft ghasts

Even though the health bars for these mobs are a little on the lower side (five full hearts), their ability to fly behind blocks and take cover make them a good deal more dangerous. Ghast fireballs hit with the force of 12.5 hearts, which amounts to a little over 1.25 player health bars.

In case you’re wondering, that means without proper equipment you’d be very, very dead. We don’t have to remind you that the Nether is a scary place. Prepare accordingly!

10. The Creeper

Even if it’s hard to believe that this silent destroyer ranks higher than any other mob in the game, a single creeper blast on hard mode is enough to deal a whopping 36 hearts of damage when directly adjacent to the explosion. No amount of enchanted armor or potions can save you from that!

minecraft creeper

Worse, when a creeper is struck by lightning, it becomes the ultra-rare Charged Creeper whose explosions hit hard enough to deal as many as 72.5 hearts of damage. Unanimous opinion: don’t start a fight with one of these guys.

Which of these is your favorite mob on the list? Let us know!


  1. agree, those blind beasts are able to two shot in full netherite armor (except the my own netherite armor and weapons: not bragging) those serious demons when it comes to combat…

  2. Guardians deal up to 1 – 1.5 hearts of damage (difficulty matters) and laser 2.5 – 4.5 (again difficulty matters) and have 15 Herts of health in water they they are faster so close to this list but on land not even close

    1. Guardians deal up to 1 – 1.5 hearts of damage (difficulty matters) and laser 2.5 – 4.5 (again difficulty matters) and have 15 Herts of health in water they they are faster so close to this list but on land not even close

    2. Guardians deal 1 – 1.5 hearts of damage (difficulty matters) 2.5 – 4.5 (again difficulty matters ) in water guardians are faster so close to this list but on land not even close

  3. My favorite mob on this list is the Iron Golem.
    Fun fact: The Iron Golem and the Ravager both have the same health points, being 100 hp or 50 hearts.

  4. Baby Zombie prot 4 thorns 3 full netherite armor and sharp 5 fire aspect 2 knockback 2 netherite sword have to use dispensers though

      1. Enderzilla can defeat wither storm easily or mutant Ender dragon or mutant enderman titan also can defeat this thing

    1. Illusioners are for java but they ARE strong. I agree. And elder guardians are also kinda annoying for all that shooting.

    2. Illusioners are an unused mob only in Java Edition, which are probably unused due to the power or their buggy behavior. They are in Minecraft Dungeons though, But they look and behave slightly different.

  5. Saying, the Wither can be tied with the Ender Dragon on attacks although, the Ender Dragon is stronger. But the Wither has more health

    1. Wong again witherzella is actually strongest even though I think they were only talking about vanilla minecraft mobs

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