Have you seen some cows when you’re playing Minecraft and wondering how you can attract one and get it to follow you? You might be surprised to learn that taming a Minecraft cow is a lot like taming a chicken in the game.

Once you find some cows that you get to follow you and you get them penned up, you’re able to use the cows for milk. And though it’s a bit morbid, you can also use the cow for meat.

How To Tame & Attract A Minecraft Cow (8 Easy Steps)

Okay, so taming one of these little adorable farm animals is actually really easy. Here are the steps to do:

minecraft cows

  1. Get some wheat seeds.
  2. Hoe the ground near some water and grow the wheat seeds.
  3. Wait for the wheat to grow (it takes 2 days in Minecraft days).
  4. Equip your hoe once the wheat is grown and harvest it by clicking on it.
  5. Equip the wheat in your hotbar.
  6. Find and approach a cow with the wheat equipped and it will follow you.
  7. While it’s following you, lure the cow into an enclosed space like a pen or building.
  8. Close up the space and you’ve now got a tame pet cow.

Don’t have any wheat seeds or not sure how to get them? It’s easy – you get wheat seeds by harvesting grass.

How to harvest grass for the wheat seeds? Just punch at the grass with a stick or your hand.

You only need one wheat harvest to attract a cow in Minecraft.

The cow will follow you as long as you keep the wheat equipped in your hotbar.

Sounds simple enough, eh?

feeding minecraft cows

How To Breed Cows In Minecraft (4 Easy Steps)

Now that you’ve got yourself a pet cow, you might be wondering how the heck you can get some milk from it. And how the heck do you get even more cows for your own little breeding farm?

Well, it takes two cows to make an baby calf, so you need at least one other cow before you can start your own little cow breeding and milk farm in the game.

Here’s how to breed Minecraft cows:

  1. Capture another cow using the steps above so that you now have two cows.
  2. Stand in front of each cow and feed it wheat. You’ll know that you did this right when you see the hearts appear from them.
  3. Wait for the baby calf to be born.
  4. Repeat the above three steps over and over to have a thriving herd of cows on your farm.

minecraft cows hearts

Not sure how to feed your Minecraft cows the wheat? All you have to do is stand in front of the cow with the equipped wheat in your hotbar.

Then, you right-click on the wheat to feed them to the cow.

Keep in mind that in addition to breeding your cows for milk, you can also breed them for meat.

minecraft cows in pen

How To Milk A Cow In Minecraft (3 Easy Steps)

Now that you’ve set yourself up with a nice little cow breeding farm, you might be wondering how to get milk from those Minecraft cows. It’s actually a pretty simple process.

  1. Create a bucket.
  2. Stand in front of the cow with the bucket equipped.
  3. Right-click the cow with the bucket to get a Bucket of Milk.

Milk is a type of “drinking object” in Minecraft. It cures the players negative effects such as poison, though it won’t fill the hunger bar.

But beware it also move positive effects! You can also use milk for crafting cake, this requires 3 milk buckets.

To milk a cow, you to make a bucket using 3 iron ingots in the crafting table. Then find a cow and Right-Click the cow to get a Milk Bucket.

You can also milk Mooshrooms using a bowl made of 3 wooden planks [Any type]. When you milk them, you get Mushroom Stew which you can eat for a few hunger points.

Mooshrooms are found in the mushroom biome, and island where there are mushroom trees and some normal world stuff like caves.

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