Aspirations of getting into film school is a lofty one. There are many young, talented and upcoming artists with dreams of becoming producers, directors and who have hopes of a career in the film industry. Getting an edge or “leg up” on the competition when it comes to getting into film school can make all the difference. So what steps can you take, what can you do to increase your odds of getting accepted? Although there are no guarantees, there are ways to get that edge and increase your chances of getting into film school and taking that first step into a career of television and film.

It can begin early, and the earlier you realize that this may be a career you may want to pursue the better. This starts in high school, and is very similar to students who take college preparatory classes in pursuit of gaining admission to more typical collegiate endeavors. It is never too early to start building your resume for film school applications. Taking college preparatory courses is a good idea, but take the extra steps. Adding to this curriculum any art classes, entering in any available drama courses or auditioning for as many school plays as possible are good decisions. Having such history included in your educational background and being able to add this to your application for film schools is certainly advantageous.

Film schools and the application process is similar to other educational institutions with regards to how you apply. Most notably meaning that there are multiple schools that students fill out applications for generally beginning with their first choice and then second and so on. It isn’t uncommon for college applicants to fill out five, six or even more applications. The same procedure is strongly advisable for film school, and filling out as many applications as possible will only improve you odds of being selected.

One often overlooked resource can be the admissions offices of these film schools. Visiting various film schools and having a conversation with admissions officers can help guide and direct hopeful students in the process. Film schools just like traditional colleges need students and tuition to operate, admissions officers are there to help you get enrolled. In many cases their livelihoods depend on student enrollment and the insight and understanding gained from discussing the application process can be invaluable.

Perseverance is a word that is often used and heard in the film industry. From hearing about how directors, producers and the countless others in the film industry found their way in the word perseverance will commonly be used. Applying to film school is a good practice for a trait that will most likely be needed for those who aspire to a vocation in the film industry. Keep trying, work hard and take advantage of every opportunity to strengthen your resume and application for film school. The competition is stiff, the talent is in abundance and it gets harder before it gets easier in the world of television and film. Congratulations on being brave enough to throw your hat into the ring, and give yourself every edge you can then maybe one day your name will be among the credits of that next big hit movie or television show.

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