Do you like having the best of the best? Will you settle for nothing less than top quality? If so, and if you’re on the market for a foosball table, the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is the perfect option for you. This table is a top of the line offering, and while it does cost more than nearly any other table you might find out there, the quality of the product will make sure you receive your money’s worth. Of course, it is this price point that will make it out of the reach of many other shoppers, but if you’re interest, there are some nice aspects to the table you need to check out.

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  • Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball TableBased off of ITSF-Certified Tornado Practice table
  • Figures have sharp corners in order to improve passing. Reduces sloppy play or slipping while playing.
  • Thin wall split bearings on the table make for improved control of the figures and allow you to boost shot blocking potential as the movement speed increases.
  • Stainless steel and laminate design. It features durable end protected that can hold up to just about any kind of pressure or beating.
  • Built in Richland Hills, Texas. So, if you’re looking for a table build inside of the United States, this is the table option you need to check out.
  • Table dimensions are 30 inches by 36 inches by 35.5 inches. The total weight of the product is 171 pounds.

What We Like

  • Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball TableSolid construction. The sold construction of the table makes it perfect for any location. Whether you want it for a game room or a bar, it is heavy duty, will not slide around and will stay in place. The regulation size table is perfect for tournaments as well.
  • Sharp corners. The sharp corners of the figures should not be undersold. Many figures have softer corners. Softer corners reduces your ability to pass and it can lead to odd bounces and a less pristine game. If you are trying to improve your gaming potential and your skill, you need to have sharp corners.
  • Made in the United States. It is always nice to purchase something like this made in the United States. This way, you know your money is staying in the country and everything you pay is going back into the economy.

What We Don’t

  • The price. The price tag is especially steep. You are going to end up spending a considerable amount of money. The price will put many people out as their budget simply can’t handle it. While the construction and everything else about it is nice, you can pick up something for far less that can provide a serviceable job.
  • No special features. For such a high price tag, you’d hope a table would come with some special features. Something to wow the guests when they come over and play on the multi-thousand dollar game table. Cup holders or somewhere to place snacks or just about anything else. But there isn’t anything. It is just a foosball table without any added frills. Some people might not want added features. Others will.

Best Suited For

  • Money to spend. Do you have money to spend? If so, the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is a table you should look into. This kind of table makes it possible to really enjoy the best of foosball, but you’ll need to pay the high ticket price.
  • High traffic areas. Maybe you own a bar or perhaps you have some rambunctious individuals who really get into their games. Whatever it is, this makes for a nice table as the heft will not push it around and it will not fall over or slide around the floors. If you are investing in bar games, you need something that is thick and heavy and will not break easily. That is exactly what this is.

Not Great For

  • The average player. Do you just like playing from time to time but nothing too crazy? Maybe you just want a table for when friends come over and you don’t feel like sitting around, playing video games. If that is the case, this is not the table for you. There is no need to spend this kind of money on a table if you don’t play often. This is really just a table for someone who plays foosball all the time and takes it very seriously.
  • Don’t have the space. The table is a bit larger in scale and it is extremely difficult to move as it is over 170 pounds. Due to this, if you don’t have the available space, you won’t be able to take advantage of this table. You do need a good amount of space for four people to play.

The Verdict

The Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is a table for those who want the best of the best and for those who take their foosball playing very seriously. It is not your everyday person’s kind of table.

So, if you want just your general table because you think having one would be fun, chances are the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is not for you. However, if you do have the available money and you play foosball almost every day and really get into it, this is a table you should consider buying. It is, after all, well designed and made in the U.S.

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