So you’ve got an Emerson TV and you wanna control it with a universal remote?

Well you gotta get that thing programmed in order for it to work with all those home electronics.

Most of the time you need a code for programming a universal remote so that it works with an Emerson TV, but we can help ya out if you don’t have any codes.

Finding Universal Remote Codes for Emerson TV

Universal Remote Codes for Emerson TV

Let me help you find those codes and get it all set up.

First off, there are a few codes available that you can use for programming your universal remote to work with your Emerson TV.

Here are some popular ones:

3-digit codes:

  • 691
  • 533
  • 720
  • 654
  • 655
  • 535
  • 657
  • 536
  • 527
  • 528
  • 534
  • 544
  • 537
  • 846

Give these codes a try when setting up your universal remote.

Now, let’s move on to the programming instructions.

To program your universal remote, start by turning your Emerson TV on.

Next, grab your universal remote and press the button on it that corresponds to the type of device you wanna control — in this case, that’s the TV button.

Press and hold the setup button on your remote until the light flashes, which means it’s in learning mode.

Now, go ahead and type in one of the 3-digit codes from the list above.

If the code you entered is correct, then the light should flash again, and your remote is now programmed to work with your Emerson TV.

If the first code didn’t work, don’t stress.

Just keep on trying the rest of the remote codes in the list until you find the one that works for your specific remote and TV model.

In case none of the codes work, you might need to refer to your remote’s manual for alternative programming methods. 

List of Common Universal Remote Codes

I’ve also got some popular universal remote brands and the most common Emerson TV remote codes that might interest you.

Popular Universal Remote Brands

Before we dive into the codes, let’s quickly go through a few of the popular universal remote brands that are compatible with Emerson TVs:

  • RCA
  • GE
  • Philips
  • Magnavox
  • Sony
  • Logitech Harmony

Now let’s take a look at those Emerson TV remote codes, shall we?

Emerson TV Remote Codes

I’ve put together a list of the Emerson TV remote codes that you’ll most likely need.

Just remember that the code you’ll need to input may vary depending on the brand of your universal remote.

Check them out below:

Emerson TV Remote 3 Digit Codes:

  • 32
  • 34
  • 35
  • 77
  • 83
  • 84

Emerson TV Remote 4 Digit Codes:

  • 691
  • 533
  • 720
  • 654
  • 655
  • 535
  • 657
  • 536
  • 527
  • 528
  • 534
  • 544
  • 537
  • 846

These are the most common Emerson TV universal remote codes.

Just make sure you follow the programming instructions that come with your particular universal remote to ensure the code is entered correctly.

Programming Your Universal Remote

Setting up your universal remote to control your Emerson TV has never been easier.

This guide provides two simple methods to program your remote: Manual Code Search and Auto Code Search.

Just follow these here steps, and you’ll be ready to rock your remote with ease.

Manual Code Search

Manual Code Search allows you to input the codes for your Emerson TV manually.

Here’s how:

  1. Turn on your Emerson TV and your universal remote.
  2. Press and hold the Setup button on your remote until the LED light turns on.
  3. Enter the code for Emerson TVs. You can find the right code in the manual that came with your remote, in our list above, or by searching online for “universal remote codes for Emerson TVs.”
  4. Press the Power button on your remote.

If the TV turns off, you’ve successfully programmed your remote.

If not, repeat these steps with a different code.

Auto Code Search

Auto Code Search automatically searches for the correct code to connect your remote to your Emerson TV.

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your Emerson TV and your universal remote.
  2. Press down and hold the device button (TV, DVD, CBL, or OK/SEL) on your remote for 3 seconds. Note that the LED light indicates the device is ready to program.
  3. Aim your universal remote at the TV and press the CH+ and CH- buttons alternatively.
  4. Once the TV responds (e.g., changes channels), stop pressing the buttons.
  5. Press and hold the OK/SEL button or any other confirmation button your remote has.

Congrats, you’ve now programmed your universal remote to your Emerson TV using the Auto Code Search method.


What are the best Emerson TV universal remotes?

The best universal remotes for Emerson TV include the Logitech Harmony series, such as the Harmony 650 or Harmony Elite.

These remotes support a wide range of devices and they’re known for their user-friendly interfaces and programmability.

Why is my Emerson universal remote not working?

Your Emerson universal remote may not be working for a number of reasons including drained batteries, incorrect input or device selection, being out of range, or not being programmed correctly for your Emerson TV.

Why won’t Emerson TV respond to the remote?

Your Emerson TV may not be responding to the remote due to issues like interference from other electronic devices, a blocked sensor on the TV, low battery in the remote, or an issue with the remote’s programming.

How do I reset my Emerson TV remote?

To reset your Emerson TV remote, remove the batteries from the remote, press and hold any button on the remote for about 20 seconds, replace the batteries, and then attempt to use the remote again.

You may also need to reprogram the remote to your TV after doing this.

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