Nothing sucks quite like finding a cool seed that you want to spawn only to discover that it doesn’t work for you. We know this pain all too well, as do some of the commenters on our minecraft PE seeds article.

So, why aren’t some of these seeds working? Well, the truth is that they probably are working, but you’re having a different issue.

And let’s face it, the Minecraft game has been around for years and there are loads of uncharted worlds to discover -and seeds like this let you enter into a pre-made world with a specific biome, setting, or buildings.

Here’s a few reasons why a seed might not be working for you –

1) You Entered It In Wrong

This is probably the #1 reason that a Minecraft seed isn’t working for you. Since the seeds are usually made up of a long string of numbers, it can be easy to make a mistake when entering it in.

For me, I often end up accidentally transposing some of the numbers, which makes it not work.

That’s why you should always double check the seed after you enter it before you start freaking out about it not working.

2) It Might Not Work With Your Version of Minecraft

This is the reason that we see most often among the visitors of our PE seeds list. You gotta double check that platform and release version to know if it will work with your version of the game.

The reason that this happens is that when the game developer, Mojang, updates their voxel-building game, the end result is that it changes some things in the code. This means that more than a few seeds will become completely obsolete.

And yeah, that sucks, but that’s just the way that it goes.

3) Spawn Points Can Be Random…Sometimes

For some of the seeds, the spawn points are random. So, what you get might not look like the awesome screenshot that you’d seen before entering in the seed.

Since for some seeds the spawn point is completely randomized, it means that you could spawn into a specific area that looks quite similar to that of a screenshot for the seed. Or you could spawn on the opposite side of the world, where everything looks different – or completely wrong compared to that screenshot.

4) You Can’t Copy & Paste It

Since you don’t want to make an error when entering in your seed (see reason #1 above), it only makes good sense to copy and paste those seeds. Right?

Well, that’s not always true.

Though it is rare, copying and pasting the Minecraft seed into your game can cause some confusion with your game client.

Luckily this is one of the easiest fixes for a non-working Minecraft seed.

To get the seed to work in this instance, you just need to enter it in manually instead of trying to copy and paste it. Yup, it really is just that simple if this ends up being the reason why your Minecraft seed is not working.

If you’ve read this because you’re having problems with a seed, then hopefully one of the solutions listed above has got you all squared away. If not, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. So what if you make a new world in creative play around a while and decide it has some cool features for a survival run but when you input the seed it’s not correct the only issue I think I could be having is 3 which I’m about to test but I’m curious why seeds I’m making on the same game isn’t working.

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