If you’re considering making the swap from Teamspeak or another voice chat program to Discord let me tell you why that’s a great idea. Discord is currently a start up company in Silicon Valley, CA. You know… where every other tech start up starts in the United States?

Well they’re currently backed by investors and that’s the reason there’s nothing for sale just yet. The product as of today is technically still Alpha and for it to be in Alpha it’s already amazing. The company currently not making any money off their product is what had my skeptical at first. However, we do use them for our Minecraft community currently and it’s been working out great!

Discord plans on making money by selling skins, emoji’s & icons, and other cosmetic features for your Discord experience or server you open. I’ll probably buy a Minecraft skin for my community so they’ve got one buyer here.

Discord Features

Discord isn’t only voice chat it also comes with chat rooms. The chat rooms are similar to that of Slack. It includes all of your needed notification options and allows people to use @yourname to directly notify you if needed.

You can create as many chat rooms & voice chats in your server as you need. You can also create and be a member of multiple servers at one time. Below you’ll see on the far left some of the servers I’m apart of and somewhat what Discord looks like. Note I have mine on the “dark theme”.

Member Roles

You can set roles for anyone inside your server which allows them to do different things. You can choose who gets to mute, kick, ban, etc.. on your server. This is extremely helpful for larger communities and it’s a lot less complicated then Teamspeaks version of the same thing.

Sound Quality

One thing I was very worried about before I swapped from Teamspeak was the voice quality. After testing it out for a while I can say without a doubt that Discord has better sound quality than Teamspeak. Both programs have good quality, but Discord’s is more clear.

Voice Volume Control

The volume control over other people also seems to work better than other programs I’ve used. You can click anyone in your voice chat and move the volume slider. It’s very precise and pleasant to use.

Any Cons?

The one con I’ve come across so far, but keep in mind this is still alpha, is with the phone application. You’re unable to be signed into your phone and on your PC at the same time. I hope that they one day implement a way to maybe add your phone number or sync your account to your phone. This way you can log into the one account with both devices without signing the other out. I like to use Discord when I’m away and this would make everything more convenient when I return home. Just a thought…

I don’t always Voice Chat… but when I do… I use Discord!

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