For anyone who doesn’t know, Yugioh is a strategic trading card game in which the player faces off against an opponent trying to reduce each other’s life points and the last player standing wins.

In Yugioh, there are groups of monster, spell, and trap cards that all share a similar name or include cards with a certain naming convention.

These are called Archetypes, these are cards specifically designed to be used together and I’ll be talking about the best ones for beginners to use.

7. Elementsabers


A very basic archetype coming in at number seven, but just because they’re basic and simple doesn’t mean that they’re bad. Element Sabers consist of two archetypes that work together as one, there are the Elementsabers and the Elemental Lords.

Elementsabers work as your resources for summoning the Elemental Lords, each saber monster is a different attribute and all have very simple, easy to understand effects. The Elemental Lords however work as the boss monsters of this deck, the sabers in the graveyard can change their attribute to any attribute in the game.

The reason for that is to get out the Elemental Lords, every Lord monster is a different attribute and can be special summoned from the hand by having five monsters of their attribute in the graveyard.

6. Amorphage


Amorphage monsters roll in at number six. These monsters are a force to be reckoned with, they stop your opponent from using the extra deck when flip summoned or pendulum summoned, making this a very good and simple deck to use.

Amorphage monsters are pendulum monsters, meaning that they can also be used as spell cards with separate effects from their monster effects, as well as actually summon out mass amounts of themselves from your hand by pendulum summoning.

The only downside to them is that you can’t summon monsters from the extra deck except for Amorphage monsters.

5. Elemental HERO

Elemental HERO

At number five we have Elemental HERO, HERO monsters are a huge archetype. Not only are HERO monsters Elemental HERO but also Masked HERO and Evil HERO, but for right now we’re focusing on Elemental HERO.

Elemental HERO is a very fusion heavy archetype, they have both fusion monsters with specific fusion materials required for the fusion summon and more generic fusion monsters with requirements being less strict.

Hero monsters focus mainly on Normal Monsters as the main deck resources while the extra deck contains all of the effect having monsters.

4. Utopia


For number four we got Utopia, Utopia is a fairly big archetype consisting of four smaller level four heavy main deck archetypes; Gagaga, Gogogo, Dododo, and Zubaba.

These all work as the summoning materials and defense while the extra deck contains all of your Utopia XYZ monsters. There are also ZW and SZW monsters that can be equipped to Utopia monsters or attached as extra overlay units.

You can also use Rank-Up-Magic cards to beef up your Utopia monsters past just rank four power houses. The only downside to this deck is that there is a very important card called double or nothing, your don’t even have to play it but it is a key part of the effect of your main summoner, Utopia double.

As you can tell, this is a very flexible deck that has a couple of different play styles so you can truly utilize your strategic abilities.

3. Battlin’ Boxers

Battlin’ Boxers

Next on the list we have Battlin’ Boxers, and yes, that is how they spell it on the card. Battlin’ Boxers are a very simple OTK deck with lots of level four monsters for some quick XYZ setups with massive damage outputs.

This archetype is probably the most simple to use design wise but practicality was also taken into consideration when making this list and while OTK decks can be very fun to play, you need specific cards in your hand for your plays to actually work making it less practical than most other decks.

2. Superheavy Samurai

Superheavy Samurai

For number two we have Superheavy Samurai and what could be more beginner friendly than a deck that uses nothing but monster cards.

Superheavy samurai are an archetype that are very synchro oriented, one of your most important cards is a tuner monster that steals one of your opponent’s monsters for a synchro summon. They are also very good because they are one of the few kinds of monsters whose effects allow them to attack in defense position.

Superheavy monsters instead of having spells or traps, have monsters that equip to other monsters to give them extra effects such as raising the defense of a monster or making it so a monster can’t be affected by your opponent’s card effects.

1. Blue-Eyes


Last but certainly not least, at number one we have Blue-Eyes. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a very well known card and it seems to get support constantly, what can I say, Konami likes their dragons.

Blue-Eyes have monsters that can get out Blue-Eyes White Dragon from your deck lighting fast. There are the Eyes of Blue cards which allow you to special summon Blue-Eyes from your hand and add them to your hand from your deck.

There are also the Stones that allow you to search out a Blue-Eyes or special summon a Blue-Eyes from the deck. Then there is Kaibaman who can be tributed to special summon out a Blue-Eyes from the hand.

If you think that’s bad then wait till you hear about the extra deck. The Yugioh movie titled Yugioh: Dark Side of Dimensions has brought us two new fusion monsters; Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon who can attack twice in a row, Can’t be destroyed by battle, and if it attacks an opponent’s monster and that monster isn’t destroyed then you can banish it instead.

There is also Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon who allows you to attack up to three times per battle phase by sending other Blue-Eyes fusion monsters from your extra deck to the graveyard.

All in all, this is a very powerful deck that is very accessible to beginners, earning it the number one spot.

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