halloween yard decor

6 DIY Halloween Decorations

There is more to Halloween decorations that tying a sheet to a tree and piling pumpkins on top of hay bales.  Be creative with your decorations and place them inside and out for a true Halloween experience.  Many decorations can be made without buying expensive materials and you might just have some of them around …

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halloween gravestones

DIY Halloween Props

Every neighborhood has that one family that decorates to the extreme for Halloween.  Some of their Halloween props, or decorations, might be pretty over the top.  They may go out and purchase  animated props.  The following are a few DIY Halloween props That don’t take a great deal of skill or money to make.  Still, …

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duct tape notebook

Back to School Craft Ideas

The beginning of the school year marks new beginnings – a chance to make new friends, take up new and better study habits, and learn new things. To get you hyped for the new school year, here are some back-to-school craft ideas that will add color and efficiency to studying: Duct Tape Notebook Covers and …

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Tips For Working With Clay

Polymer clay is a popular craft item and you can make many different things from it from Christmas ornaments to jewelry.  The clay is composed of PVC resin and a liquid plasticizer.  This plastic-like consistency is what makes it popular as modeling clay.  It is moldable, blendable, it sticks together and can be baked to …

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