When I first started playing Stardew Valley, I didn’t even realize that I could get my fortune each morning from the television in my home. But after I did find that out, I still didn’t check it daily.

That made me wonder – Does the fortune teller actually matter?

Does getting my fortune from the television fortune teller really affect my game in Stardew?

That’s what I wanted to know, because I didn’t want to waste precious time getting my fortune each day if it was not worth the time spent on it.

Here’s what I’ve found out based on my research and experience playing the game.

Stardew Fortune Teller: What’s The Purpose

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, luck is a big part of this game. And that Fortune Teller lets you know what sort of luck to expect each day.

And here’s a secret – you should make the fortune teller’s predictions part of your game play strategy.


Don’t believe me? All you have to do is test it for yourself.

For example, if they are in good spirits and I’m in the mines, I seem to get more staircases down and more gems and ores.

Try the same and see if it works for you as well.

Were you told that you’re going to have bad luck for the day? Then use that to your advantage!

On days when you are forecast to have bad luck, you should go fishing.

Why? Because bad luck doesn’t affect what type of fish you can catch.

How To Check Your Daily Luck With The Stardew Fortune Teller

It’s best if you do this at the start of each day, before you leave your house to do anything else.

You can check your daily luck by right-clicking on the Television and selecting “Fortune Teller.” (or tapping the television on mobile)

The Fortune Teller will give an indication of the daily luck stat modifier.

stardew fortune teller luck
image: stardewvalleywiki

Before revealing the luck message, one of the following messages is shown randomly (the first two being gender-specific). They do not affect the luck in any way.

“Ah… I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young man from… Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
“Ah… I sense that a new viewer has joined us. A young lady from… Stardew Valley? Welcome, welcome!”
“Ah… yes, I can hear the spirits whispering something to me… ”
“Welcome back to ‘Welwick’s Oracle’… If you seek hidden knowledge of the future, well you’ve come to the right place.”
“Hoo.. I see a glimmer within my scrying orb… A shard of knowledge from the future!”
“Welcome to Welwick’s Oracle… the ONLY show where the voice of the spirits is channeled directly… to YOU.”

You Daily Luck is not affected by viewing the Fortune Teller Television Program, so that means that the luck value is not neutral if you don’t view the program, the luck value remains constant regardless.

So, you don’t have to check-in with the fortune teller because your luck won’t change whether you do or not.

A 0.01 increase in daily luck generally means a random event is about 1% more likely to happen.

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