Before you start playing Stardew Valley, the first thing the game prompts you to do is create your “Player.” The Player is the character you’ll appear as in the Stardew Valley game.

During the creation of your Player, you give your Player a name and create your Player’s look. This includes choosing skin tone, hair color, eye color, accessories, and a starting outfit for your Player.

At some point during the game, you may change your mind about how you want your Player to look. You might decide you don’t like that hairstyle, or you’re really more of a blonde than a brunette.

For me, it happened as I was closing in on marriage. Did I really want to get married with a mohawk? (Turns out the answer was “Yes.” Once I created my Player, I was pretty tied to her.)

To change your appearance in Stardew Valley, you don’t have to start a game from scratch. There is a way to change your appearance in-game. You just have to make friends with the Wizard first.

Befriending the Stardew Valley Wizard

Unlike other characters in the game, you can’t start befriending the Wizard in Stardew Valley on Day One.

When you first start playing, the door of the Wizard’s Tower is locked.

This changes as soon as you have the “Community Center” event with Lewis, the mayor. In the event, Lewis unlocks the door of the community center, providing you access.

Once inside, you can click on a scroll. You won’t be able to read it, but the next morning you’ll get a letter from the Wizard inviting you to visit his tower.

Now that you have access to the tower, you can start visiting the Wizard and giving him gifts like all the other town residents to build a friendship.

Four-Heart Friends

Building a four-heart friendship with the Wizard in Stardew is like building a friendship with anyone else in the game. Visit him, talk to him and give him gifts.

For every 250 friendship points, you’ll add a heart to your friendship, so it takes 1,000 friendship points to become four-heart friends with the Wizard.

Every day you talk to the Wizard, you’ll get 20 friendship points. Every loved, liked or neutral gift you give him will also earn you friendship points.

Since the Wizard’s tower is a little out of the way compared to the rest of Stardew Valley, I think the most efficient way to earn the Wizard’s friendship is to visit him twice a week and give him a gift each time.

If it’s a loved gift and you also talk to the Wizard while visiting (separate from the “gifting” dialogue), you’ll earn 100 points per visit, and have a four-heart friendship in just five weeks.

To help you get there quick, here’s a list of the Wizard’s most loved gifts:

  • Void Essence
  • Solar Essence
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Super Cucumber
  • Rabbit’s Foot

If any of these gifts are silver, gold, or iridium quality, you’ll earn even more points and befriend the Wizard even quicker.

Stardew Valley Shrine of Illusions

Once you reach four hearts with the Wizard in Stardew Valley, you’ll have access to the basement in his tower. Just go through the door at the back of the main room, and downstairs you’ll find the Shrine of Illusions.

The Shrine of Illusions costs 500g to use each time, but, once you pay, you can make changes to every aspect of your Player’s appearance that you selected when you first created the Player.

You can change your Player’s skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, accessories, etc. You can even change your pet. But don’t you dare!

The Shrine of Illusions options are the same as when you first start the game.

Once you change your appearance in Stardew Valley, you can always change it back or change it again. Once the Wizard’s basement is open, it stays open. You can pop in any time the Wizard’s tower is unlocked for a new hairstyle or a new eye color, as long as you’re willing to pay for it.

Trying out different hair.

Choosing what your Player looks like in Stardew Valley is a blast. With all of the options for skin tone, hair color, eye color, clothes, etc. you’ve got hundreds of potential yous you can be.

But, once you choose, you’re not locked in for the duration of the game. If you’re friends with the Wizard, you can change your appearance in Stardew Valley at any time.

Just visit the Shrine of Illusions and get primpin’.

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