Looking to see yourself reflected on the television? We’ve got a few LGBT couples for you to check out next time you’re ready for a night on the couch.

Sarah and Tammy from ​Transparent

Their relationship has had its ups and downs over the first two seasons. But the entire time, it shows the diversity of bisexual and lesbian relationships. Transparent, and its creator Jill Soloway, has a way of showing the human side of people, not the labels and boxes they’re often assigned. Even without the lesbian relationship between Sarah and Tammy, this is an excellent comedy drama that humanizes and celebrates all things trans, lesbian and queer. The critics agree, awarding it two Emmy’s before the start of its third season! Spoiler Alert: ​Melora Hardin, the actress who portrays Tammy, hinted that she won’t be in season three. She left the door open on season four, already confirmed by Amazon.

Mitch and Cam on ​Modern Family

Modern Family sometimes feels like it’s been around forever. Highly acclaimed since its release, this show explores every aspect of high-middle-class suburban life. Accordingly, the relationship shared by Mitch and Cam explores almost every aspect of gay relationships and parenting. While Eric Stonestreet’s portrayal of Cameron Tucker has at times been labelled a caricature, he’s earned two Emmy’s for the role. It also demonstrates that straight actors should have no qualms about playing for the other team in the roles they take. And let’s just mention how adorable and progressive it is to see a gay couple raising an adopted child on primetime television; a true forerunner in normalizing LGBT relationships!

Brett and Jimmy on ​The Real O’neals

The brainchild of Dan Savage, this show confronts the challenges that arise between religion and homosexuality. This semi-biographical show follows Jimmy, based on Savage as a young man, as he comes out to his Catholic family. Eventually he finds his first boyfriend, Brett, and we get to see their relationship evolve. While this show can obviously appeal to the LGBT community, it ambitiously pushes the envelope. From episode one, it explores: eating disorders, divorce, religion and even illegal activities. Backed by Disney and airing on ABC, this sitcom holds no punches when it comes to breaking down social barriers.

Betty and Helen on ​Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex wrapped up in 2016, but this critically-acclaimed show is still worth matching for its tenacious efforts to creatively explore human sexuality. The premise is loosely based on the lives and research of Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson from the 1950s to the early 70s. They pioneered the early days on sexualité and got America talking openly about what happens behind closed doors. By season three, Helen (played expertly by Sarah Silverman) and Betty plan to take their relationship to the next level by trying to have a baby. Considering these episodes were set in 1966, two women living together was unconventional enough, let alone getting pregnant. This is a timeless drama that gives anybody a million reasons to watch.

Greg Berlanti’s ‘Arrow-verse’

Greg Berlanti is an openly gay TV producer (recently becoming a father by surrogacy with soccer star Robbie Rogers) who heads up Arrow, The Flash, SuperGirl, and The Legends of Tomorrow (all on the CW Network). While they stick to their DC Comics roots, Berlanti has a way of weaving a gay thread through their shared universe. From Nyssa Al Ghul and Mr. Terrific in Arrow, to Maggie Sawyer and SuperGirl’s sister; the universe is full of LGBT characters. Greg even recently hinted that one of the main Superheroes in the ‘Arrowverse’ may come out in 2017, so simply stay tuned to the series for that.

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