5 Best iOS Apps for Photo Editing

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Editing on a touch interface has come a long way since the first iPad and iPhone 3. Complete reworks can be done as well as created masterpieces. Since the power of an entire computer is now jammed into 1/10th its usual size, the power of editing is mostly in the hands of the user. If you take a lot of photos on your iPhone or iPad, then some of the editing apps below can help you get the best looking images from your efforts.

Adobe Photoshop Express

The leaders in the image field both home and mobile will be the first on the list, with this long running express solution. This is a free basic photo editor that has support for JPG., PNG., and several RAW formats. As one of the simpler solutions on the list, there is a one touch auto-fix button for photos, and better handling of larger files than in previous versions. For those wanting to add more to the express pack there are additional add-on purchases called the Looks Pack and the Advanced Paid Pack.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

The recently retired Adobe Photoshop Touch was the more advanced solution for those that weren’t satisfied with Express. But with Mix, users have the limited but powerful functionality of the Creative Cloud programs on a single device. This product is free, and definitely for the more advanced users due to its massive list of features. Non-destructive editing lets you manipulate several photos without worry of corrupting the original image. The photo merging option is very powerful, possibly the strongest in the store. An Adobe ID is required, and users can sign up from within the app itself.


At a modest $3.99, on the surface FaceTune seems like a simple photo editing program. Underneath the hood, however, is one of the most powerful image editing apps in the iTunes store. FaceTune does a good job of ‘beautifying’ a picture, to the point that it has the ability to whiten teeth, make a smile more distinct, change eye color, remove red eye or white eye effects, and even to remove blemishes in the skin. This is the ultimate app for personal  use with touch up photos, but is intuitive enough to be used professionally.

Noir Photo

If you’re a fan of old time photos, and admired the classic look, then Noir Photo was made just for you. This $2.99 app takes any photo, strips it down and recreates a story based on the lighting and effects you choose. Controls are easy to get used to, and are big enough and labeled for even new users to get comfortable with. Digital artifacts on low-res photos are dealt with in the program, meaning that even a bad looking photo can be made to look like a 1960’s classic.


With a single touch you can turn any of your photos into a beautiful painting. This uses a similar paint filter to the one in the desktop version of Adobe Photoshop, and manipulates it in a way that is both fun and easy to use. For $3.99 users can experiment with current photos, or snap new photos from within the program that automatically change into paintings. There are several customization options, and you can even sign your painting and share it on social media-all from within the app. And to take it a step further, whatever are you create can be printed and shipped right to your front door. This is an interesting photo editor, in that it manipulates photos in a new and refreshing way.

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