For several months, “An Infatuation” by Jennifer Lyndon has been riding the best sellers list on Amazon for lesbian romance. It caught my attention not only because it has been on the list for so long, but because it has been racking up great reviews on Amazon.

This is a full-length novel, in fact, it is a little too long if you ask me. The book drags on in a lot of places. It seems to include a lot of unnecessary details that do not really move the story forward – for instance, a paragraph about the trees….more than once.

So, this book focuses on a married woman who becomes “infatuated” with her husband’s new boss, who just happens to be the reason why he did not get a promotion. Of course, she had already decided to hate her since she is responsible for the husband’s butthurt at work.

To summarize it without any spoilers, the book focuses on two straight women’s obsession with each other. And it does include infidelity, but apparently it is okay if you stop sleeping with your current partner when you get a new one.

Like many of the lesfic available for purchase on Amazon, this book has more than its fair share of typos and lazy errors.

I was really annoyed with the mentioning of the type of vehicle each character drove in this book. No matter how big or small the character, we got to learn what they drove for no real reason at all. Spoiler alert: Range Rover is the author’s vehicle of choice for most of them.

Love scenes were better than many of the other books out there, but still not all that great.

Overall, this book was too long and read more like a first draft than a finished product. With a little editing to trim it down and tighten up some scenes, it could be an okay read. But as it is, I can’t really recommend it. I know that this goes against what most of the reviews on Amazon and Goodreads say about the book. In my opinion, most of those good reviews are fake/paid for because they just are not natural. It is fairly easy to spot fake reviews if you know where to look, and in my opinion, many of the ones for this book seem to be fake. Plus, it seems when a bad review is posted on Amazon, an army of people immediately down vote it. That is not normal user behavior.

But, if you have time to kill and want to give it a try yourself, then you can find it on Amazon.

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