Nowadays, it is possible to reach a wide network of people via YouTube regardless of what your interests are. Here is the list of famous lesbian YouTubers you should check out if you haven’t already.

  1. Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart’s channel MyHarto has around 2.5 million subscribers! If you enjoy watching someone cook delicious food, you should check out her ‘Drunk Kitchen’ session. Besides her love for cooking, she has several other videos about travelling, advices, vlogs and how to videos.

  1. Bria and Chrissy

These two are one of my favorite lesbian couples. They can both sing wonderfully. They have done covers of famous songs and even created a ton of original soundtracks of their own. If you are up for comedy videos, you should check out their channel at Bria and Chrissy. One of the songs that I really enjoy is Arrest Me even if that song has been around for 2 years now.

  1. Rose and Rosie

Rose and Rosie are married and they each have their own separate channels but they often show up in their spouse’s videos so it is twice the content! Rose Ellen Dix and The Roxetera are Rose’s and Rosie’s channels respectively. Their content focuses mainly on their adorable relationship and you can see that in their vlogs. I really enjoy their sarcastic and sometimes mean comments about each other and it is absolutely hilarious once you are used to their British accents.

  1. Stevie Boebi

If you are seeking for advice on LGBT issues, you should check out Stevie’s channel. Apart from that, there are quite a lot of comedy videos which I am sure we can all relate to. She shares her opinions vocally on certain topics too and of course there are collaborations videos as well.

  1. Arielle Scarcella

Arielle’s content focuses on LGBT culture which includes sex, dating, gender, relationships and life. She often collaborate with other Youtubers and make videos whether it is a question and answer or opinion based. Besides that, I find her videos quite educational and it is not the type of knowledge you could get from book.

  1. Ally Hills

This musician should be given her own record by now I mean seriously! Ally’s channel contains music covers and songs she make by herself. You should check out her first music video Space which was released on the 31st December 2016. The other catchy tune I really like is when she tried to answer the common question ‘How To Tell If A Girl Is Gay’ where she compiles the usual stereotypes and make a song out of it.

  1. Shannon Beveridge

NowThisIsLiving is the name of Shannon’s channel. Vlogs, questions and answers, challenges and advices are the normal theme in Shannon’s video. Most of her videos consists of her relationship with her ex, Cammie and although it is heartbreaking to know they went their separate ways, the videos really capture the love they shared with each other.

  1. Adrianna and Sarah

No they are not dating. They both made the channel called Unsolicited Project which is based on comedy by women for women. They are famous for their Pillow Talk where they sit and talked about a variety of topics. They are the mastermind behind the movie which will be released on 7th February 2017, Almost Adults. Check out the trailer and maybe you will be hyped about the movie too!

  1. Stephanie Frosch

Stephanie better known as ElloSteph previously worked in Buzzfeed. Her videos are usually related to LGBT issues, advices and a few hilarious videos too. One of her videos titled emotional blackmail is one of the actions I often see fans do to celebrities. I think it is brave that Steph and Katie openly discuss about it and hopefully it will increase awareness and people could stop resorting to emotional blackmail for attention.

  1. Cammie Scott

Cammie’s channel used to be mostly about vegan food. However, she branched out to other topics such as question and answer, vlogs, make up tips and of course advices. For starters, you could check out the entertaining collaboration with Rose and Rosie here.

Those are my top 10 lesbian Youtubers. Do you agree or disagree with my list? Comment down below which Youtubers you like the most and why.

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